Artistic swimming

Svetlana Romashina opened the Artistic Swimming Competitions of the III stage “Solidarity Games”

Seven-time Olympic champion Svetlana Romashina opened the artistic swimming competitions of the III stage of the “Solidarity Games”. The Official opening ceremony took place at the “Burevestnik” swimming pool.

Along with Svetlana Romashina, the competition participants were greeted by the Minister of sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, rector of the Volga region state university of physical culture, sport and tourism Rafis Burganov, senior coach of the reserves of the Russian national team in artistic swimming Natalya Mendygalieva, first deputy chairman of the “Dynamo” physical culture and sports society of the Republic of Tatarstan Salavat Gaysin, and President of the artistic swimming federation of Tatarstan Aleksandra Babicheva.

“Dear participants, what a big festival we’re having as part of the Solidarity Games! We are hosting by now the traditional Cup named after Svetlana Romashina – very close and special person to us. This is a true professional, the idol for many boys and girls in our country and far beyond its borders. We are happy that our friends from all over the world have come to these competitions. It’s an international holiday! I want us to enjoy the beauty of artistic swimming throughout these two days,”Vladimir Leonov announced at the opening ceremony.

“I am extremely happy to see such a number of athletes from different countries in Kazan. It is so good to see their coaches and parents. In these tough times for our sport, it is essential to be holding the competitions for children. So that they can perform, feel the competition and enjoy our beautiful sport! On my own behalf, I would like to express my gratitude to the Republic of Tatarstan for hosting such a tournament in our favourite artistic swimming. Fair contest and easy water!” Svetlana Romashina said.

Artistic swimming competitions of the III stage of the “Solidarity Games” will be held at the “Burevestnik” swimming pool from 9 to 11 December featuring 182 athletes from Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.