Artistic swimming

Artistic swimming competitions commenced at the “Solidarity Games”

Aquatics Palace of Kazan hosted the Opening Ceremony of the international artistic swimming competitions within the “Solidarity Games”. Throughout four days 145 athletes from 6 countries will be competing for the medals (Russia, Vietnam, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Donetsk People’s Republic).

Opening Ceremony started with the “Drum&Cellos” show who performed well-known music hits in an unconventional contemporary adaptation. It was followed by the welcome address by the Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, three-time Olympic champion Olga Brusnikina, and Vice-President of the Russian Artistic Swimming Federation Olga Pavlova.
“Solidarity Games go on! We began with swimming and diving, and today we are greeting the most beautiful and graceful sport – artistic swimming. We’ve open new history with this big tournament. Ahead are the second and third stages of the “Solidarity Games”, and hopefully their holding will become a good tradition. I thank the organisers and all participants who will give joy to us these days. Show must go on. As it is said in our Tatarstan, the only way is just forward, only alga!” Vladimir Leonov announced.

“We are welcoming, I guess, the most beautiful sport on our planet. Young athletes yet already the members of the national teams will be competing close to the Olympic champions. It is great! In Tatarstan sport is loved and understood, while artistic swimming is treated specially. Beauty, grace, filigree technique – it’s all about artistic swimming! I’d like to particularly welcome the legendary coach Tatyana Pokrovskaya! The strongest will claim the medals but it’s important to know the principles of Olympism; principles of Pierre de Coubertin are everlasting. Good luck and success, and only forward!” Olga Pavlova wished the participants.

“I am happy to be present at this amazing Aquatics Palace in Kazan. On behalf of the Russian Artistic Swimming Federation, let me express gratitude to the organisers for the opportunity of staging these brilliant competitions. I’d like to wish the participants unforgettable impressions of Kazan and “Solidarity Games”. Good luck and thanks for being here with us. The competitions are declared open!” Olga Brusnikina said.

A total of 204 participants from 6 countries, 145 competitors (74 from Russia, 71 from 5 countries), and 59 team officials (37 from Russia, 22 from 5 countries), one technical delegate, and 31 technical officials are involved in the competitions.