(Stage I – World)

  • After logging into the accreditation system, you must fill in personal information, upload a photo (in accordance with the requirements) and send an individual form for consideration by the Organizing Committee.
Registration for all members should be managed by the responsible person appointed by the delegation (hereinafter – Delegation Contact Person). In order get a login and password to the delegation account in the Accreditation System and start registering, delegations should contact the Local Organizing Committee by sending the Participation Intent Form.


Registration Manual, as well as the login and password will be sent to the email of the Delegation Contact Person.


The registration for all delegation members is carried out online in the Accreditation System. Registration is mandatory for all categories of participants: athletes, coaches, medical personnel, heads of delegations, referrers and judges provided by the delegations.
The registration procedure is mandatory for all media categories interested in the coverage of the event.
  • After considering the application, the Local Organizing Committee will email a notification with a login and password, access link, as well as instructions for using the system;
If you have not received access to the accreditation system or you have open questions, please contact
Badges are provided to the participants that have duly and successfully undergone the registration.

Badges issuance

Accreditation Centre

The Accreidtation Centre is located at the Aquatics Palace (Floor 1).
Working hours:
20 – 30 July 8:00-20:00
31 July – 1 August 10:00-20:00
2 August 9:00-18:00
For Russian Federation citizens
The responsible person from the team shall obtain the accreditation alone for the whole team in the Accreditation Centre on presentation of:
  • Passports (birth certificates) of the whole team;
  • List of participants marking the admission commission is successfully passed.
For foreign citizens
In order to obtain the accreditation badge for the Solidarity Games (to enter the venue and areas), you have to visit the Accreditation Centre.
The responsible person from the team (coach or any other official) shall come to the Accreditation Centre and present passports (or birth certificates) of the whole team.
If the athletes arrive apart from the team, they can come to the Accreditation Centre by themselves with the passport (or birth certificate).
Accreditation badge can only be obtained after passing the admission commission.
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